Kitchens By Wedgewood

Kitchens by Wedgewood

Kitchens by Wedgewood

Kitchens By Wedgewood is a client of Native Rank, a digital marketing and advertising company in Denver, CO. I was involved in the design and development of Kitchens By Wedgewood’s website and worked directly with the client to implement their brand in a way they personally envisioned. My work involved layout design, theme development, SEO and content editing. This is one example of numerous websites I had involvement with during my time working for Native Rank.

Native Rank develops their websites in WordPress using YooThemes, UIkit and the Warp framework. Their clients range anywhere from small-scale bloggers to large-scale ecommerce platforms. Designs were sometimes provided by the client in PSD format which we then converted into web pages, but often times clients would come to us asking to assist with the design as well.

A majority of my time spent with this company was lacking any sort of designated designers or project managers at the time, so we as developers were often responsible for playing the roles of designers and project managers ourselves. We worked directly with our clients not only as developers but as designers and consultants as well. Websites were typically built with a heavy emphasis on SEO and intuitive design, as this is primarily a marketing & advertising agency.


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