Ugville is the internal franchisee website for HomeVestors of Dallas, TX represents the primary means of communication for this real estate investment group. Elaborate types of functionality on this site include blog posting & comments, digital resources management, and tools that build momentum behind sales, sales leaders, all while fostering community among a disperse, diverse group of small business people around the nation.

HomeVestors was the primary client of Techtonic Group during the time I spent with the company. I worked alongside a team of full-stack developers/SCRUM masters on the infrastructure of the application, making use of Agile sprints and SCRUM meetings for optimal project management and development process.

.NET MVC framework and C# were the primary back-end technologies used for this project; with JavaScript, jQuery, Angular and Bootstrap pulling the strings for front-end functionality and responsiveness. AJAX was used for sending updates to the server and SQL database in real-time, which provided instantaneous communication among members and franchisees who used the site.

This application is secure and restricted to private access; it can not be viewed publically.


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